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George Washington: the Indispensable American

George Washington: the Indispensable American
Start Date:
Start Time:
60 minutes.
Wait Room:
15 minutes.

February 22nd - 2:00 PM EST

Without George Washington, there would be no United States of America. He was the indispensable man without whom the American Revolution would have failed. Washington is rightly called the Father of our Country because he understood that the Revolution was about more than the “injuries and usurpations” of King George III. It was about a big idea -- the idea that ordinary men and women can freely govern themselves.  And this idea, as Washington repeatedly demonstrated in his life, was bigger than any general or president. At a time when the nation faces great challenges, George Washington’s life holds great lessons for how we can chart a successful path into the future. More than ever, we should take the opportunity of Washington’s birthday to pause and consider these lessons.

This short course with Newt Gingrich will take place live at Mount Vernon, on George Washington's 281st birthday, February 22. It will begin at 2pm and last approximately an hour. Mr. Gingrich will take questions from the live and online audiences at the end. Register Today!