About KAPx

The KAPx platform is designed to help schools, organizations, businesses and individuals share information and knowledge in an exciting interactive and highly participatory manner that is aligned with best instructional practices. The first build of this Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) platform is unique in its approach to live instruction and interactivity between students and instructors.

The KAPx solution allows presenters to communicate live with the ability to remotely control the view that participants see with any materials they want to share to improve learning gains. KAPx provides specific views and functions for instructors (presenters), students (participants), assistants and producers to control both the on site experience and what online participants see in an easy to use and innovative way.

Core functionality enables users to:

  • Share live video / audio at scale, control pages that viewers see from live web pages, presentations and documents.
  • Engage participants in a live dialogue with chat, messaging and social postings about the content shared.
  • Receive live feedback as a presenter on the topics discussed.

The solution is currently in beta and continuously being updated with additional advanced functionality to enable more meaningful collaboration between presenters and participants. Examples include advanced social sharing capabilities, mobile views, SMS voting and real time polling.